Jun 05 2017

Silenced by Isabella

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Can you hear it?



A screeching cry



I do fear it



These wings WILL fly.







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Jun 05 2017

All I know on Ancient Egypt By Valentine

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       Nerfertiti was a beautiful, young, girl. She was married to king Amenhotep the 4th at the age around 15. Nefertiti’s name means “a beutiful woman has come”. After her husband died, Nefertiti mysteriously disappeared for 12 years. Next, she was classified strongger than all of the egyptian queens and could of almost be crownd  king because, she was worried if prince Totocarmoon was to young nd couldn’t manage it!

(all of that happened in 1400 BC)

What did they use to make the amazing pyramids?

They needed:

  • Limestone

  • Mud

  • Dust

  • Dirt

    The mud, dust and dirt was used to make the serment.


    Sometimes, you may ask yourself what are in the pyrmids? Well, now you’ll know! The pyramids are over 2 million years old hieroglyphics written  on them. Deeper inside them, extrordinry tombs; valeble jewllary; delicious food (that they liked).

                                     By Valentine










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Jun 05 2017

The lost world by Keeley Q

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                                THE LOST WORLD


The lost world The lost world 

A place you’ve never seen

The lost world the lost world

Somewhere you’ve never been

The lost world the lost world

Your either friends or foes

The lost world the lost world

That’s the way it goes

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Jun 05 2017

Willow Class by Keeley Q

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Willow Class


Willow Class will be missed

so many good times i can list

soon it will be a sad time 

but those memories are nearly mine

i will remember all my teachers 

and all there amazing useful features


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Jun 05 2017

True at heart. By Darcey

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                       When you’re true at heart its good to be me

                          When you’re true at heart life is so easy

and always remember everyday

that were all special in every way

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May 26 2017

Moonlight by Isabella Bridle

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Shine bright

In the sky tonight.

Your soulful glow,

Just let it show

And then you’ll know

You’re one of a kind.

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May 26 2017

Demon Dreams by Keeley Quaresma

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Demon Dreams

I go to bed at night

Then i turn off the light

Everything is alright

There’s no time to fight


Then something awakes me

I wonder what it could be

Then suddenly i find a key

Wait what,i think someone just punched me in the knee


I can’t see a thing

In this darkening

I just want to hear the baby birds sing 




                                                                                                                                   DON’T LET THE DEMONS SEE










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May 26 2017

Spring time calves by Jake

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On Monday are first spring calf was born. But for some reason he was unusually small unlike most calves therefore he was probably a couple weeks premature. But then his mum disieded to give the calve a hard time feeding. But in the end we managed to get the calve on his mum so then we named him ted


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Mar 03 2017

Life (500 words) By Darcey!

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                             Floating across the endless land watching generations grow ,but also die. I’ve floated over Chicago ,Moscow ,Auckland ,London and Cape Town. Every where and any where. But ,before I’m no-more I would like to prove my theory right (if there’s more to life than love). So to prove that ,I MUST!!!!! : change my self completely. I’m now dressed in grey leggings and wearing a hat that says hat on it (#hat). Always texting on my Phone is what I do now to prove that in my new life I cherish technology. I’m now walking down the street I can now see love hovering over the hemisphere, everyone is staring at me like there’s something wrong (there’s got to be something wrong with them). But I still think that love is the answer, for you carry it inside you like friendship and memories. The next thing I know I’m trapped in a tiny room back to my normal self (floating with out gravity). The only thing I can see is love and life trapped in small bubbles endlessly telling the opposite thing that I want hear write now (ha ha ha ha blab  blab blab). I find a button in my pocket ,I press it (obviously!!!!). Tall walls of roses emerge from the ground…I’m trapped. I’m trapped. I’m trapped. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s nothing I can do ,except scream in envy and wait for the world to redeem me for nothing that I’ve done. Endlessly I sit there thinking what to do. What to do? What to do? My brain has gone blank. I feel like a thousand thoughts have just exploded and vanished out of no where. but to escape this nightmare I must think all the time now that its love not tech or any thing else. Its love. Its love. I see a million thoughts being repaired ,every thing comes to mind now. but that still hasn’t answered how I going to get out ,suddenly a billion people are floating I think they must have swapped places with me…! I can hear cars going up and down ,up and down ,up and down. Now trains up and down ,up and down ,up and down ,it feels the whole world is doing a formulae race consisting on : cars ,trains ,bikes and so on… My life is being turned upside down. I wish some one could hear but unfortunately my life is coming to a close and now is this world…!

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Feb 02 2017

Wishes! By Darcey!

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If  I had a wish I’d wish it for me

I’d wish for 11 bunnies, no times that by 3

and yes every night a delight it would be 

for I would cuddle those bunnies

yes all 33!

(” … “)

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