Aug 31 2016

Welcome to Willow 2016 Year 6

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Well done, you have made it to your final year of Primary school!

You can enjoy being the oldest class in the school and showing all the younger children how our rights respecting school runs, doing important tasks around the school such as helping in the office, taking registers round and many other things too numerous to mention.

You will find a link on the links section with some books that many secondary school teachers would like you to read before you go up to secondary school.

It’s called- books to read before year 7.

I will also be giving you all a list of 100 books to read at primary school; you will almost certainly have read lots of them already. There will be small prizes for those who complete the sheet!

Very much looking forward to seeing you all and having a fantastic year 6.


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Jun 20 2016

Mission control

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One of our activities was a simulation of a mission to take Astronauts to the

ISS. Tim Peake went in a rocket, in the past there was a space shuttle which went up on a rocket and then flew back to earth. The shuttle is no longer used. It was incredible because it could be used for multiple missions.




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Jun 18 2016

On board the International Space Station

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At the space centre, there is a full size replica of the ISS.

Tim Peake, on his way home, has been living on the ISS for the last six months.

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Jun 16 2016

Hello Willow from USA!

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Hi everyone,

I hope the bag pack goes well.

I have arrived in America and am waiting for the final leg of my journey to Huntsville.

I will post a video in the next couple of days to share what I have been up to.


See you soon!

Mrs Halford 😎


This is where I am staying




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May 15 2016


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It’s me agian. I’ve been talking to Emily on message and I’m hearing that that everyone is doing billiantly in SATS and that I been missing out on awesome breakfasts.

On Friday I will be doing girls AFL full contact. So existed, also I’m afraid to say that I have lost my English ascent and have a full on AUZZIE on instead. It only took me about 4-5 weeks to get.

If possible I would realy like to have Skype session with guys at one point. And if it doesn’t cause much trouble than Emily could bring in her iPad or whatever it is she Skype me with but only if it doesn’t cuase to much trouble.


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May 07 2016

For Willow class

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What lovely weather this weekend has blessed us all with. We hope that you have been outside enjoying the sunshine and, most importantly, having fun.

We know how hard you have been working, and we are extremely proud of you.

We know that you will try hard to do your best next week- it is such a shame that there aren’t tests to show how amazing you all are in so many ways.

If there were tests to measure how wonderfully you can sing, what a great swimmer you are, how good you are in goal, how you can perform acrobatics on the trampoline or climb a climbing wall. If we could measure how kind you are, what a good team player you are, how much of an expert you are on all things farming or about dogs. If there were tests to show that you can score a goal from the other end of the pitch, can run like the wind, can lead a team, can make everyone laugh until their sides ache. If we could measure how well you can ride a horse, build a model, catch a rugby ball, rattle off facts about your hobbies and interests. If we could measure how happy you make your friends, how you earnt badges at scouts or guides. How you can do flicks and turns or how you can speak confidently in front of an audience. How you can ride your bike, do tricks on your scooter and not fall off a skateboard or roller skates. How you can play musical instruments, act in a play, catch fish, win competitions, paint and draw, how you always remember to be polite and caring. If we could measure random acts of kindness, being responsible and setting the rest of the school a great example. If we could measure all these things in tests, they would show just how amazing you all are.

Tests only show a tiny part of what you can do, so try not to worry. This is your chance to show off and show what you know- the hardest bit has been all the working and leaning. We know that you can do yourselves proud.

Thank you for making our class such a great place to be. Thank you to your families for all the support they give to you.

We believe in you.

The Willow class team.

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May 06 2016

Girls’ football tournament

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On Friday 29th April, Abi (captain) Alisha, Millie, Hen, Niamh, Nicole and Lucy H went to Abby school to participate in the girls’ football tournament.  We didn’t lose any matches we only drew and won.  Alisha scored a  hatrick and 1 goal through five games, wow! we draw the first game 0-0, we won the second game and scored a whooping three goals to none.  In the third game drew 1-1. Then we went into the plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the first plate game we drew 0-0 so it went to penalties from the half way line with no goal keeper. We picked three people (Abi, Alisha and Hen) so did the other team. No one scored so it went to sudden death we picked one person (Alisha) but she missed so did the other team. Then we did it again but picked Abi and she SCORED!!!!!  So we won that game.  For the final of the plate we drew 0-0 so it went to penalties from the half way line with no goal keeper!  We picked three people (Abi, Alisha and Millie)  Everyone missed… It went to sudden death Abi got picked and she SCORED!!!!!!!!!!! And we won the plate (which means 5th) the disappointment struck us when we found out that the team who we drew with in the first match won the whole thing.

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May 06 2016


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The first day of school was hard but it went quickly, I have now just finished my third week at school and had my first soccer game. The game was 11 aside and full pitch with 25 minute halves each way. We won 8-0 on our match. The weather here is still surprisingly hot at around 25-27 and I have officially acclimatised with the weather because I was cold and the temp was 16 or 18 can’t remember. As my dad quit his job here and had to come back to England he has been visiting some of our friends like I know Emily has a visit and Finn and lily have had a visit and loads more. Also I wish the best of luck with SATS next week and all have an amazing PGL trip. P.S if there are any mistakes than it’s because my iPad is playing up and it won’t let me fix them.

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Apr 22 2016

Maths day at the Gryphon

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On the 20th April 2016, Millie, Henrietta, Louie and Adam went to the maths challenge day at the Gryphon school. Whilst there they did maths problem solving and challenges. There were ten teams attending they each had a year 9 helping mark their work. The tenth team got 144 points whereas we- the second placed team- got 215 points marginally missing out on first place! In the end it was great fun, and everyone enjoyed meeting new friends!

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Apr 06 2016


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So far, so good.  We got Bear back a couple of days ago and she’s doing ok but if mum leaves the she sometimes howls or does a high pitch bark to try and get her back so we need to work on that but anyway she’s ok.

The beach is about 3 to 5 minutes away and so far I haven’t worn a wetsuit once.  I think I’ve been to the beach about 15 times.  The shop is 5 minuets away so mum sends me down there when we are running out of food.  I pay at the do t you own scan thingymajigy.

The school I’m inroling in is called Hampton primary school Hampton and there is about 800 students with about 178 student in every grade.  Sadly the uniform is horrible but not as bad as my sisters uhh I don’t even want to tell you.

I hope I haven’t missed anything out missing you all like crazy and hope to visit England again soon.


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